Closer and Closer

As I suspected in my first post, I have not had the time to do any blogging. But I have now returned.

The past couple of weeks have been very busy. The biggest issue with this is that time seems to have traveled much faster. Normally I don’t mind this but, when time is closing in on the move to Peru, it can make one’s heart palpitate. All of the time spent with family has been very refreshing though. We were able to have a Schmidt family reunion Saturday, August 14. It was great to see all the friends and family that showed up! Quite a number of people dropped by to show their support of Shawn’s family and the work that they have been doing in Peru. Seeing the support makes the move for my tiny family a little less difficult. Too often we forget the backing that we will have through prayer from those in the States.

Tuesday, August 17, Shawn and I met with the GCM board to discuss a number of topics pertaining to the mission work in Peru. As usual, my excitment was rekindled just by talking about all the potential that is there and the many ways God has been working. Shawn shared a number of things that came to his mind of situations where no one but God can take credit for the workings of. It’s very revitalizing to hear of God’s hand at work in so many ways.

I’ve heard different people say that going on the mission field can sometimes change oneself more than the natives. I don’t have the experience to confirm this yet, but I can already see a slight change in myself and my outlook on life. The planned move has had my wife and me looking at our lives a lot more closely than before. Is our prayer life strong enough? Are we mature enough in Christ to share His gopsel? Will we be strong enough to not bend to the pressures of other religions and other’s ideas? The list could go on. But in a lot of the questions a pattern is seen emerging. And that is, a self centric worry system. I think that self examination is great, but I find myself thinking more that if I am inadequate for the job, God is unable to work. And that is not the case. We serve a great God. Our weaknesses can show His strength if we allow ourselves to be His vessels. So many lessons to learn in life!

Packing has been hit and miss at our place. The majority of time so far has been more miss than hit. Our schedule has not really given us the time to get much accomplished, but we still spend a lot of time planning how we will go about everything once we have an opening. Yard sales are in the making, storage has been arranged, and plans for the house have been decided. Slow but steady progress is being made. At this point we are planning to try to travel to Peru the end of Septmeber.

We have found a Spanish teacher! Mrs. Fernanda Crim from Iglesia Cristiana Misionera Bautista in Lake Butler, FL has agreed to give us a crash course. We are hoping to get 2 classes in a week. It seems barely worth starting classes at this point, but I’m positive it can’t hurt. We are super excited that we will get some practice in before we go.

Keep us in your prayers as we face all the situations and decisions ahead of us.

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